Codeigniter Developer

As a Codeigniter Developer, I can create many things from custom Content Management Systems to Bespoke Web Applications

Off the shelf Content Management Systems are usually full of features, settings, controls, bulk and allot of switches, buttons, lights and flashy things that you probably don't need. The reason they are so popular is that allot of developers & development companies can offer you low prices for development, but cheap is good! Err NO!

Let’s say you want to write a simple email to your friend saying that you’re going to be late for lunch, you wouldn’t use PowerPoint or Photoshop would you? Or even if you did it would take ages right!

Ok you can get a website for $500 (£312 at the time of writing this) fantastic! You have a website up and running… Do you? Yes you do but it’s been 4 months and you haven’t received one call? Why is this? You have a website and since you have a website the whole world can see it… So why isn’t it working? Ever heard of ROI? Return on investment is basically to measure, per period, rates of return on money invested in an economic entity in order to decide whether or not to undertake an investment. It is also used as indicator to compare different project investments within a project portfolio. The project with best ROI is prioritized.

So in layman's terms, you have a website yes, but is a website all you need? Contrary To Popular Belief a website is not just a website. It all depends on what this website is for.


  • Company, Services, Prospective client research
  • Competitor analysis & research
  • A/B testing (testing several landing pages to conversion rate)
  • Vigorous analytical research on results

Possible Results:

  • Rise in visits
  • Added value to your website/domain (rise in TARGETED TRAFFIC to your website = Search engines see you more as a “go to” website for the referring keyword)
  • Rise in conversions (visits into calls/sign-ups/enquiries **able to capture email addresses, telephone numbers, company names and more…)
  • Rise in sales/subscriptions/contracts
  • Happy directors/investors!

So… Did you get this in your £312 quote? No, you didn’t. Web design and Web development isn’t just about building a website at all is it! Why pay the money for your domain name, hosting and the design in the first place if it’s not going to bring in business?

So get you “PROPER” web design services here by someone who wants your business to succeed because that is of course, our business model! (NO OUTSOURCING // EVERYTHING HOME GROWN IN LONDON // WE’RE PICKIER THAN YOU… HONEST!))