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  • Aug 21st 2019 by Chris Mackie

If you've spent a lot of time and money on web design services for your company's website, you'll want a decent flow of traffic. You can have the best-looking website in the world, with some great products and services listed, but without visitors, your site is useless.

Your website needs marketing, and this is where much of the work will start for you.

The key to bringing people through your digital doorway is search engine optimization. And your company needs a strategy to manage this.

What is SEO

Your customers are on a journey. This starts with them searching for something that they need on Google. They'll probably get millions of websites returned, and that's too much choice. Chances are they won't leave the first page of options. And maybe they won't even look at more than the top couple of sites.

Your website needs to be in those top sites if you're going to get a look in. And to do this, you need to optimize your content to help search engines to find you.

Quality Content

One way you can draw the attention of the search engines is to produce well written and relevant content. If Google's algorithm sees your website as useful, it will suggest people visit you by ranking you higher.


Using keywords that apply to your field, you can let Google know about searches that you should be featured in. By including keywords in all of your content, you will be highlighting the relevance of your site.


Websites will have a varying level of authority in the eyes of Google. A site with high traffic which is regularly updated with good quality information will appear to know what it's talking about in the eyes of Google. Therefore, the algorithm will put this site nearer the top of any searches.

By building an association to websites such as these in the eyes of the search engine will validate the existence of your website and allow your domain authority to rise too. So your website should include internal backlinks to your own pages, to those of high authority sites- and your site needs linking to from high authority sites.