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How Much Do Freelance Web Designers in London Charge?

Are you looking for a freelance web designer? I've got some tips for you! Find out how much they charge and if they're worth hiring.

In general, the good old saying "you get what you pay for" is pretty much on point but there are other factors to bear in mind before you go and hire the most expensive freelance web designer you can find.

Some web designers may specialise in a certain aspect such as UI, UX or animation, if you are looking for a specific skill then I would suggest hiring a freelance web designer that have the skills you need.

So how much will these specialities cost you? Well, a specialist UX designer will probably be the most expensive so expect to pay around £450 and up. Very experienced freelance UX web designers can be in the range of £600-£800 so your budget will play a big part in your choice for this particular skill.

If you are looking for freelance web designer to design a basic site for you then you can find experienced designers in the region of £300-£400.

So in conclusion, the cost of a freelance web designer in London varies depending on what you need. If you would like to learn more about my expertise and how I can help with your design needs, feel free to contact me.

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